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The world that we would like to have

The western society that we all know is very different from what we can experience in a third world country like Nepal. In Nepal, unfortunately only 15% of the population manage to get cover by the health care system, as the cost of the health care is too high for the majority of the population or even worse the medical structure are too far away to get there easily.

Nepal is the poorest country of Asia and as a consequence transport, roads and health structure are very limited and far away to be efficient.

The majority of the health structure are situated in the capital city, Kathmandu, so people that live in the remote villages that are surviving through their agriculture are having a really hard time to raise money and be able to pay the transport and accommodation to get there, and even if they got there then the cost of the treatment will be too high for them to afford it.

The world that the ITWO is dreaming of is a Nepal that can offer to its population a health care system affordable to a bigger slice of people with the use of technique which are not invasive and expensive as the alternative medicine like chiropractic which are becoming very common also in our western society to prevent and treat condition that medicine cannot deal with. When the into the world structures will be done for those kinds of clinicians and in the future the structures will be modest enough, we will be able to have more NGO to come and use those structures, like gynecologist, opticians, dentist etc… So that in this way the population of those villages can receive a more holistic approach to their health without any sacrifice to their family.




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“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” Thank you very much!


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“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” Thank you very much!