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The acronym of Nepal is “never end peace and love”, which describes very well the characteristic of this country as the population of Nepal is so generous and very friendly. This land, which is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan chain, give us the opportunity to observe 8 out of 10 highest pick of the world, including the highest mountain of the world, the Everest, 8848 mt.

Nepal is situated between Tibet and India and it is for this reason that the Nepalese population is composed of different ethnic group, with uses, tradition and culture totally different from each other which usually change in relation to the geography of the country. In between those mountains, there is lots of land that has never been touched by our western society which make those village magical in all their aspect.

The religion is a mixed between Hinduism and Buddhism and when you get to Nepal you will realize that there are numerous festivals that celebrate their divinity.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, and it puts together all those various culture. Walking by the street of Kathmandu, you will have the opportunity to try different food, see lots of different shops and of course visit many different temples.

But unfortunately for Nepal, even if for us tourists is one of the best paradise ever due to its culture, and the scenario that is offering us, not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Nepal is the poorest country in Asia and the majority of the population are farmers. Most of the villages do not have access to electricity so forget about all ours modern machine to work the land. They still cultivate their land how we were doing 100 years ago, bending on their knees and using their hands to move the ground or using tools that they have made themselves. And this work is not limited to a young age population only, but when you look in the fields most of the people on their knees are ladies of 70-80 years. Most of the work is done by women which their role in the society is the one to take care of the land, kids and of the animals (buffalo, goats and chickens), and this is the reason why women usually present with more physical problem then men.

From this explanation you can understand why most of the population has pain in their back, knees, feet, neck and headache.

Back pain if chronic can seriously make a huge difference in a family income as the diminishing of  the work in the field will bring more poverty to the family and less hope for their kids to go and study or even eat.

And this is where the ITWO wants to help: with the alternative medicine no machine, drugs or sterile room are needed to help those people. Through chiropractic adjustment, massage and physical therapy those people could get so much benefit to their health, avoiding any kind of trouble to their family.

The ITWO believes a lot in this project as the president of this association is a chiropractor (5 years study degree in England) and having been in Nepal for almost 9 month non consecutively  in the past 2 years now she knows exactly  what those people need the most and how the alternative medicine can help these conditions.




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“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” Thank you very much!


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“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” Thank you very much!